Best Practice Modelling for Project Finance

This course is aimed at Project Finance professionals who would like to improve their Excel skills and expand their knowledge of Best Practice Financial Modelling. The content is well suited to Project Finance analysts and associates working for project sponsors, infrastructure funds, banks or advisors.


Course Duration: 2 Day(s)

Course Outline

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the structure and requirements of a typical Project Finance Model
  • Develop a Project Finance Model from scratch
  • Learn to use powerful Excel tools, functions and short-cuts to greatly improve modelling efficiency
  • Create financial models that are Transparent, Robust, Adaptable and Efficient (TRACE)
  • Solve complex modelling challenges by applying a range of Best Practice techniques
  • Sensitise selected assumptions and interpret the impact on outputs such as IRR and DSCR

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Project Finance (PF)
  • Module 2: Introduction to Best Practice Financial Modelling
  • Module 3: The basic model engine
  • Module 4: Sources and uses of cash during construction
  • Module 5: Cash flow from generation
  • Module 6: The cash flow waterfall
  • Module 7: Debt repayments and ratios
  • Module 8: Distributions and equity returns
  • Module 9: Sensitivities and scenarios