Our Philosophy

At Near Future, we help our clients encapsulate future financial outcomes through a bespoke financial model. Our seasoned consultants specialise in solving the toughest forecasting challenges: using a structured approach, we condense and translate complex transaction terms into a transparent and robust model engine. Using a transparent approach which can be followed by even novice Excel users, our models transform a range of inputs into key outputs such as IRR and debt metrics which can be sensitised and compared across projects or investments.

We believe that the secret to successful model development is not only technical expertise but also effective project management. This is why each of our projects is led by a dedicated, senior director who takes ownership of and responsibility for the success of the project.

Additionally, with our model review and audit services, we provide you, your investors or financiers with comfort over the integrity of models that have been developed in-house or by other advisors.

Through our range of training courses, we transfer this knowledge to our clients, helping them make lasting improvements to the way they forecast, thus enabling more informed decision making.